Day Eleven – Rudely awoken

So we had desperately hoped for a decent night’s sleep stopping in a paid campsite. However, a group not far from the campsite decided to play an accordion very enthusiastically at 4am. There was also a very poor attempt at singing along with it as well. Someone had clearly been taking some illegal substances that night. We weren’t entirely sure who it was, but we had our suspicions. We discussed in detail driving Ruby down to their van and reving her engine, but we thought it a bit unfair if it wasn’t them.

As the lake was quite busy last night, we decided to head down early to beat the crowds. As luck would have it, there wasn’t many people there anyway.

We spent the best part of the morning topping up our tans and reading some more. The weather had really changed now we were in the south. We had temperatures around 33°, which was just what we needed for our beach day.

Around midday, we had a dip in the lake. Apart from the thick mud that you had to wade through to get into the water, the lake was amazing. Warm, clear water; with not too many people around us. I could feel my aching calfs instantly relax.

We had planned to leave in the evening, but we were quite enjoying the location, and wanted to make use of our newly acquired hammock. So we payed for a second night.

The owner didn’t speak English, but we did inform us that his daughter lives in England. Only down the road from us in Walsall. It’s a small world.

In the evening, we walked down the road and treated ourselves to some crepes.

We had planned to have a quick dip in the morning and then head off for another mountain walk, closer to the coast. We just hoped that the accordion playing idiots had buggered off, so we could get a proper good night’s sleep.

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