Day Twelve – Off to the coast.

We started the morning with a another swim in the lake. There is nothing more refreshing after a sweaty night in a camper.

Once we were done, we packed up and headed off. Our next destination was two and a half hours away.

Although I wasn’t particularly looking forward to a long drive in the boiling conditions, I was soon won over the the greatest road I had ever driven down. The road was like one of the foreign Top Gear roads that the test drive a fancy sports car around. A winding road through the mountains, with views of further mountains in the distance.

We had to pull over for another cheeky selfie.

The drive still had more wonders to offer us. Once we had reached the bottom of the road, we then had the drive through a delightful gorge besides a river.

Whilst driving, we were talking about the facts that we had seen two baywindows, but not split screen vans. As fate would have it, I caught glimpse of what looked like a camper in the horizon. We quickly caught up to this beauty.

They were as excited to see us, as we were to see them.

We followed the splitty for about 30 minutes, until we had to turn off and make our final drive to the mountains.

The drive started in a cute village named Laroque-Des-Albéres. We passed another a yellow baywindow in the village, but I didn’t get the chance to take a picture as I was driving.

The start of the walk tool us through the village streets, but quickly transformed into a sheltered trail up the foot of the mountain.

The path started to climb, and we could both still feel the pains in our legs from our last treck. We had a set of instructions for the walk, but they had clearly just been translated from a french website, so we had a few difficulties figuring out where we were supposed to be heading.

We did eventually get our bearings, and got our first glimpse of the Mediterranean Sea.

The guide times were fairly accurate, and about two ours in, we were roughly halfway through the walk. Here we found a water fountain, pouring out fresh mountain water. We grateful topped up our water bottles, slightly wary about how clean the water actually was.

The walk back the start led us through some woodland, which we were both thankful for, as temperatures were almost reaching 40°.

Finally we made it back to the village after four hours of walking.

Tomorrow we wanted to visit a festival in the town we stayed in last year, however that was over five hours away, so we made the decision to drive further north, to cut the drive down in the morning.

Even at 6pm, it was still incredibly hot, and Ruby was struggling with her engine temperature, resulting in us having to drive at a limited 40mph.

Eventually we arrived at our destination Agde, to find that it was an overcrowded tourist resort. All of the spots the parking app we had used were unavailable. Sleep deprived and desperate to find a spot to sleep, we headed to once last recommend spot. Unfortunately the satnav took us down an incredibly small road, which finished with a tight squeeze between a rock and a tree. We made the decision to try and squeeze through it, however it didn’t go to plan, and we ended up damaging the left side of the van.

Shortly after, we found an empty car park and decided to make that our base for the evening.

Tired and frustrated, we headed to a local bar to try and calm ourselves down.

To make matters worse, on the drive, the brakes appear to be less responsive than normal. It seems as though they too are on their way out.

At least there will be nothing left to break soon.

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