Day Thirteen – American Days festival

After last night’s disaster, we tried to pick up our spirits with a quick visit to the beach before heading off to Saint Andiol. On reflection, the damage to the body work could have been much worse, and luckily Willow’s colleague who did the respray has already offered to fix the damage. We are far more concerned about the failing brake servo compared to the scratch. Just have to hope that we can get by for the next week. Annoyingly, the bracket which keeps the sliding located has also broken, making it incredibly difficult to open the door. That is a problem we may look to fix before we head back.

The beach in Agde is lovely, and it wasn’t long before I was in the freshing Mediterranean Sea. I am not much of a swimmer, and you could probably say I will about as well as a rock. I did manage shock myself and swim fairly far out to a buoy.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t spend as much time at the beach as we would have preferred, as we still had quite a big drive to get to the festival in Saint Andiol.

We were both looking forward to the festival, as we visited it last year as we were staying in the village. A guy who was working there was apparently exceptionally grateful for us making the effort to go and spent the night offering us free food and drink. Surely this visit will be just as deserving for more gifts.

With the high temperatures and Ruby’s failing brakes, we avoided the toll road and kept her speed limited. We actually made good time, and only spent an additional 15 minutes driving.

Once we had arrived, we quickly made our way to the bar. It didn’t take us long to recognise the host from last year. And apparently it didn’t take him long either. He quickly called over a colleague to boast about how we were here last year and drank 6 litres of wine that night. We were then rewarded for our efforts with an ice cold beer as a welcome gift.

The festival is a chance for the locals to show off their motorbikes and country dancing moves. The event had grown a little since last year’s efforts, and now boasted an area for old American army vehicles.

It didn’t take long for a waitress to come over to our table to offer us the first of many free fries for the evening.

The event had two live performances from country singers. After the first act had finished, I ended up chatting to the singer, a German man who performs under the stage name Sleepless Jack. He was very relieved to be able to speak English to somebody, as his french wasn’t so strong.

With a spot offered to us for the night, we went to sleep a lot more relaxed than the previous evening. Hoping we would feel decent enough for our day of wine tasting in Gorges.

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