Not much to report.

Today was a bit odd jobby really.

We decided to drive to the vineyard to get some wine from the English guys vineyard as it was really nice and not too far. We pottered that way slowly. Uphill the engine is too hot and downhill the brakes aren’t working properly, 20-40mph is the dream.

From the vineyard, which was Domaine Vintur if you’re interested, we pottered back to the nearest town Carpentras with the intention of finding a garage.

The top mount of the sliding door had ripped off (for absolutely no reason other than we were on holiday) meaning it was nearly impossible to open the door successfully and also that it rattled horribly when driving. We had been sleeping with the door open and this was incredibly irritating so we thought it was worth the money to fix for our own sanity.

We found a garage, but they were all shut for lunch so we got our evening shop in while we waited. At around 2.30pm, with the help of google translate they efficiently welded the relevant nut back on and the door was working again! Well worth €20 and nice friendly people.

We then drive to Gorges de Regalon, which we planned to walk in the morning. Stopping to restock the fridge, as we had had to turn it off for a few days to let the battery recharge. There appears to be a fine balance between the temperature setting and what the solar panel can handle and we had got it very wrong, completely draining our batteries for one very cold bottle of water. Optimistic now that we had it better figured out we headed for the gorge.

This was a walk I had wanted to do last year, but the weather looked a bit ominous so we didn’t. As will become particularly evident when you see the photos. Still we parked up and relaxed for a bit, both feeling a little worse for wear after an alcoholic weekend.

After a while a local firefighter arrived and told us, not unkindly, that it was forbidden to stay over in the national park. She said we could till around 8-9pm but after that the police could fine us €35. I couldn’t really envisage the dedicated policeman who patrolled national parks after 9pm fining tourists €35, so we risked it. We did decide to get up early so that no one would see us sleeping there and we also packed up before going to bed just in case.

The walk was exceedingly busy with people arriving all evening and some turning up after dark too so we imagined there would be some pretty early starters too.

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