Saint Marie de la Mere

We decided after only having a few hours on the beach the stay a full day here today. This would be our last beach day before heading on the 15hr drive back over the next week.

Our spot from last night, right by the sea. Not quite a peaceful as you might think, people driving past at some odd hours of the morning. Still a beautiful location and no one parked near.

We spent the entire day on the beach. Reading, relaxing in the bobble (or big inflatable ring if you’re a normal person) and swimming. The sea was incredibly warm and it was a lovely sandy beach and very shallow. There was just on weird spot of clay like substance as you walked out that was horribly slimy and bear swum over.

Around 5pm we headed back for a shower at the van and back up ready to head to a French passion site slightly inland ready for the night.

The only drawback to this was the had moved the height barrier as we tried to leave. A 1.8m height restriction that was in two sections. Last night one had been swung open so we had easy access, now it was padlocked in place. With our roof rack we are well over 2m so we pondered our escape. No doubt if we asked someone there would be a fine of some kind for not being in the right bit. The town has very specific rules on campers. We then discovered that with a bit of a shove the barriers swung apart slightly so with Lee holding them open we just managed to negotiate the roof rack through through gap sideways and leave victorious!

Tomorrow we make the first step in heading back north.

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