Day Fourteen – The Gordes wine festival

We woke up after a night without disturbances feeling slightly worse for wear. It was probably all of the free fries that did it.

Unfortunately it was time to say goodbye to the Saint Andiol festival, as we had to move on to another festival we had in joyed during our last visit. This time it was a wine festival in a small town on the top of a steep hill.

Before we left, we checked out some American muscle cars that had arrived that morning.

We said our goodbyes, but were unable to leave without accepting one last free drink for our troubles. I hope that one day we are able to return, to continue our new tradition, however we will have to give next year a miss due to our trip to America.

We set off to Gordes, which fortunately was no more than a forty minute drive.

Five minutes in however, the engine temperature was ridiculously high for the time of day and the speed we were driving. We quickly pulled over and examined the engine bay.

It turned out that our radiator fans had decided to stop working. This was incredibly problamatic, as Ruby was struggling not to overheat even with the fans running pretty much permanently. Luckily, travelling with a mechanic meant Willow was able to test the fans and hard wire them to bipass the relay that had apparently died, and run permanently of a battery live. Temporarily fixed, we carried on towards Gordes. It’s safe to say that we are starting to get sick to death of all the constant problems with the van. Especially as so many of the problems are components that we have no control over. We have already started a sweepstake for the next major issue to go wrong with Ruby. We can just feel that she isn’t finished causing us problems throughout this trip.

Eventually we arrived in Gordes, and were happy to find a car park that was a couple of minutes walk away from the festival, and the ticket machine was broken, meaning another free spot for the evening.

The festival is an opportunity for guests to try products from local businesses, ranging from wine to wine, with a bit of bread and olive oil. Their are also a few other food and craft products for you to buy. But we were especially keen on a day of wine tasting for only €3.

The festival was popular again, and we recognised many of the traders from the previous year selling this year’s products.

The temperature was very muggy, and in the distant mountains, a lightning storm was passing buy. As a result, most of the tasters we sticking to samples of refreshing with and rose wines. Our plan was simple… Complete a circuit tasting all of the white and rose wines on offer, and the walk around again sampling the red.

We had a quick break to watch selected members from the festival reinact old wine crafting.

(A chance to let all of the wine settle!)

After we had tried all of the wines on offer, we then just had to remember which ones we enjoyed the most, so we could pass around one final time to buy a few bottles.

We bought five bottles in the end. However, and English seller who had a delightful sparkling wine and glasses Willow was particularly fond of had left before we had a chance to buy them. Luckily, we had taken a flier for his vineyard whilst we were catching up with him earlier in the day.

With our wine bought, we headed back to Ruby. At least all of the wine we had sampled had temporarily taken our minds off Ruby’s latest hissy fit.

I don’t look forward to finding out her next major drama.

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