Day Fifteen – Drive to Gorges De Regalon

Apart from a passing lightning storm during the night, we had another undisturbed night, in our free car park.

We made the decision to track down the vineyard owned by the Englishman we were speaking to at the market, so that we could get our hands on a couple of bottles of his sparkling wine and a pair of funk wine glasses.

With the fans wired in to run permanently, I had fun putting my foot down a bit more through the country roads.

We arrived at Domaine Vintur with about an hour before it closed, which was great as we would have both been devastated to miss out again.

With more wine bought than expected (and our funky wine glasses!) We headed to the nearest largest town, Carpentras. Ruby’s broken sliding door was really starting to get on our nerves, and so we decided to find a local garage who could weld the loose nut back into place. We noticed very quickly that all of the garages were closed. As it was around 1pm, we assumed they were all closed for lunch, and luckily found one next to a supermarket that would be reopen at 2pm. They also specialised in bodywork!

We spent the next hour buying some supplies for another recipe out of our fine dining cook book. It is incredibly hard to find ingredients for a eloquent vegetarian meal in France. Very easy to find wine and cheese though 😁

With supplies bought, we spoke to the owners about fixing Ruby. It turned out their English was as poor as our french, but through Google translate and charades we explained what we needed doing.

Any worries of bad craftsmanship were quickly dispelled when they expertly got to work cleaning around the door and tidying up the area ready for welding.

Ruby’s door was fixed in under twenty minutes, for the cheap price of €20. At least that was one less problem to worry about. Now just the brakes, engine fans and the gauge down the side of the van. I am sure something else will crop up soon on the list!

We decided to drive to our next walk, which would be a walk through a narrow gauge. We decided to park in the car park as it would mean we would be able to start the walk fairly early in the morning.

Whilst relaxing, the local fire service turned up and warned us that people are not permitted to sleep in the car park, and that we could face a €35 fine from the police.

Being the sensible people that we are, we ignored her advice and decided to take our chances. There are slot of nature reserve car parks, and we really couldn’t picture some poor policeman driving around in the dark to fine a few camper vans looking for a free spot to sleep.

For dinner we cooked a beetroot and coconut curry wrapped in a pancake. It didn’t turn out as intended by the cookbook, but what it lacked in style, it more than made up for in taste.

As we got ready for bed, another van appeared in our car park, and a group of people carried a load of tents and drink towards the gorge. Someone was clearly thinking of having a bit of a part. As long as it was away from us, I didn’t mind having the car park all to ourselves.

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