Day Seventeen – Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mur

In past holidays, I have often stopped in an apartment that is a stone’s throw away from the beach, but there is no comparison to opening your curtains to be greeted by it on your doorstep.

Today was all about the tanning. As we only had an afternoon on the beach yesterday, we decided to give Ruby a rest and spend some time soaking up the sun on a gorgeous sandy beach. Whenever we got too warm, we were able to take a dip in the cooling clear blue sea.

Over the last two weeks, I had mainly been reading a variety of crime thriller books by Minette Walters, and although these were enjoyable and always different, I fancied a change of genre. So today I started a science fiction novel titled Senlin Ascends. I must admit, that however strange the book is, I have so far been unable to put it down.

At about 6pm, the warm temperature started to fade, and so we made the decision to call time on our beach day. This was particularly saddening as it would be the last day we spent on the south coast. From now, we would start to endeavour northwards, back towards Dieppe. We were currently fifteen hours away and neither of us fancied more than a couple of hours driving per day.

Willow had found another France Passion site just on the outskirts of the town, at a horse equestrian farm. With the van packed, we made a short drive to our evenings destination.

The pitch was a car park on the side of the main buildings. There were a couple of other vans already there, but no of them looked as though they were going to keep is up throughout the night.

For dinner, we ate some weird vegetarian, mock cheese and bacon escallops as burgers.

We settled down for the night drinking some nice french red, re-watching some old Brooklyn nine-nine episodes.

Tomorrow, the weather was meant to be take a turn for the worse, so we were preparing for a big drive to start our way back home.

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