Day Twenty-two – Deneuil lés Chantelle

As much as I would have loved to watch the lightning show throughout the night, it did eventually pass and we were able to get a couple hours of shut eye, not before popping out into the pouring rain to fetch our chair that had been blown across the car park.

As today was the penultimate day of the holiday, and we still had over seven hours of driving left to complete, we identified a short walk about an hour north of us. This walk would be a short 6km route through a gorge in a town named Chantelle.

The walk starts on the outskirts of the town, and quickly leads you down into the forest gorge, which has a small stream flowing through it.

Following a map, we quickly took the wrong route and cut out half of the gorge. Luckily, we quickly realised our mistake and back tracked to the river.

The walk had a Lord of the rings vibe to it, and at any point I was expecting to bump into Froddo.

The route loops around, following a country road, before rejoining the river further down. We had to cross the river a couple of times, which wasn’t a problem, as today it was quite small a peaceful. There were visible signs that the river quickly transforms during heavy rainfall.

As it was a short route, it wasn’t long until we were back at the van. At this point I was feeling a bit sad, as I realised that this would be our final walk of our travels.

We agreed to enter Dieppe into the satnav and do as much driving as we could before we both wanted to blow our brains out.

About four hours into the drive we settled on Paris as a final location to sleep. My parking app recommended a car park in a nation forest on the outskirts of the city.

The car park was next to a small pond, and considering how close it was to the city centre, only contained two other camper vans. One was a ford transit with an English plate.

We got chatting to the guy living in the transit van. His name was Sam, and he had been living in his van for the past month, visiting historical WW2 sites. He was planning on continuing his travels up until Christmas. I was very envious of his plan, and had to keep reassuring myself that next summer that would be me and Willow in America.

He had done a similar thing to us, and custom built his interior. From what we saw, he had done a fantastic job, and had all the necessities one would need when living in a van for such a time.

We invited him to join us for drinks after we had eaten. We had intended to make some Greek food, however it didn’t really turn out as we had hoped. It still tasted delicious.

We spent our last evening drinking with Sam, sharing stories about our vans. He was very complimentary about Ruby, and all of the work we had put into her.

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