Day 2/3

This picks up from us driving along yesterday, I haven’t been strictly honest. I said we were all driving along beautifully, but actually the van had started a misfiring every now and then on acceleration. I probably thought that if I didn’t write it down it wasn’t happening. So a large part of that drive I say there going through the worst case scenario of the inevitable breakdown.

We had stopped of to get some food and petrol and I decided to have a look in the engine bay to see if i could see any obvious problems. Wiggling a few bits around I came across a loose HT lead and was hesitantly optimistic that I might have fixed it.

Ruby for once has had enough of the dramatic lifestyle and decided to comply, no more misfire. So we headed further south, parking up in a picnic area in a national park just south of Bordeaux.

That brings us to this morning. After a lazy morning mainly due to late night Game of Thrones which could no longer be postponed, we headed for the mountains.

After 3 hours we reached a nice mountain village and parked up just after for a walk. Unfortunately my camera is out of battery so I have borrowed a few of Lee’s photos.

It was surprisingly hot, we strolled along in t shirts enjoying the sun and stretching our legs. It was a relatively small walk around the neighbouring farmland, but a gorgeous day for it.

Spring is really getting into swing a bit further south.

After heading back to the van we drove on towards a place for the night. Stopping on the way so that my parents (who are joining us) could use the campsite services. We tried to fill the water tank, but were a little too successful as it burst the pipe and flooded the van. Still, this is pretty minor in the scheme of things, but it does warrant the toolkit coming out again!

We are now parked up next to a large river, enjoying the last of the warm evening.

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