Day Two – Driving. LOTS of driving.

Luckily, around 6am, I actually managed to fall asleep for a couple of hours. Surprisingly, I woke more refreshed than I was expecting.

Sadly the weather hadn’t improved, and after breakfast we agreed to just spend most of the day driving, stopping off only to refuel and to buy a few supplies.

Driving in France this time was completely different to last summer. Gone is the constant staring at the temperature gauge (I do occasional glimpse at it more than is needed just to be sure!) We no longer need to drop the clutch on very big hills, praying that there isn’t a steep climb at the bottom of it. No more driving at 45 mph! We can now comfortably cruise along at 70, and overtake lorries without a single change in temperature to the engine! This is now replaced with the occasional feeling of panic when overtaking lorries at 80. The van unexpected starts swaying due to the slip stream of the lorries, as you have to battle to keep the van moving in the right direction, instead of it flying off the road. Good job we have plenty of space for clean underwear!

Overall, Ruby was doing pretty good. She was still misfiring, and so that familiar feeling of an upcoming breakdown was ever present. Without inspecting the engine, Willow suggested that it could be something minor such as a blocked injector.

We stopped after about 2 hours of driving to refuel and buy some supplies. We also bought something to pour into the fuel to try and clean the injectors. Whilst stopped, Willow had a quick look in the engine bay and noticed that one of the HT leads was slightly loose and that this was probably the cause of the misfire.

Reattached properly, we were back on the road, with another 4 hours of driving to come. The drive was very nondescript, and the low point was when the sat nav informed me to drive straight for 118 miles. Not much else happened on the drive. We passed lots of boring fields.

Eventually we arrived at our destination for the night. A quiet picnic area near some lakes.

For dinner we had a curry inspired tray bake and made a better start sampling some red wine. We even had the energy to watch the first episode of GOT.

Day Two was a bit boring. Tomorrow we will be arriving in the Pyrenees, and hopefully fitting in a small walk.

Bring on the snow covered mountains!

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