Day five – Pic d’Escurets and Col du Soulor

We had planned to go on another walk today that was around half an hour drive south from our camp spot. My parents has decided they were going to drive further east, a direction that we wanted to head too. As our walk was in totally the opposite direction we decided to stay local instead, so that we could head east later on. We had parked at the bottom of a walking route to the nearby peak, so we decided to head that way.

The walk was about 5km rising over 400m in around 3.5hrs. The walk starts off by briefly heading through some woodland before the paths splits. Here we took the left hand form which continues around the base of the peak before starting to climb fairly steeply. With some nice views down the valley.

There’s lots of different flowers spring up all over the hillside.

After about an hour the other path joins back into this one, and a single track goes to the top of the peak.

Not long after, we reached the top.

As we approached the high point, the cloud which you can see on the right of the picture above decided to pretty much engulf everything, so unfortunately we didn’t have that much of a view from the summit.

Turning to head back down we saw some birds in the valley below, quite a distance so not a great photo, but I’d love to know what it is still.

At the fork in the path we took the other path so we could make this a more circular walk back down. Despite not brilliant visibility the views were still pretty good.

All in all this only took us two hours so we had plenty of time to start driving east. First we headed to the supermarket in Laruns to pick up a few bits for supper, and then we began to make our way deeper in to the Pyrénées.

The obvious route was to drive from Laruns straight to the East, however according to Google, this mountain road was shut until the 31st of May. We drove this way a bit, but then after seeing two road signs that also said this information we decided we were going to have to take the long way round.

It was a pleasant drive nonetheless, through some very windy roads. At the end the road goes down a steep sided valley through two villages before climbing steeply up and out onto the mountains. According to a sign, this route is part of the Tour de France. Ruby chugged on up the hill, doing an excellent job of not overheating. The views as we came up were amazing.

Here was the end up the other road that we initially tried to drive down, which clearly was shut.

We parked up for the night just after the road junction in a large car park with amazing views down the valley.

This evenings entertainment featured watching a group of slightly crazy people dance around further up the valley with not enough clothes on.

And the unfortunate event of my parents running out of gas, not an easy fix as they use autogas rather than gas bottles. We cooked a pretty good meal for everyone in Ruby though, which isn’t bad on only two hobs.

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