Day Three – All about them views!

Who knew such a peaceful sleep was possible in a van? That night I had the best undisturbed sleep that I have had in years. I hope there are more of those to come, however I am sure that peaceful looking spot which has lots of traffic at stupid o’clock in the morning is out there waiting somewhere! We set off for the Pyrenees, which was now only a couple of miles away, thanks to the brutal drive we did the day before. The views on the drive were now transforming from vast amounts of similar looking farmland, to a variety of woodland. It didn’t take too long for us to get our first glimpse of the mountains.We had identified a small walk on the outskirts of the mountainous region, as we now had weather pushing 20 degrees and we thought it sensible to ease ourselves back into hiking. We parked up on the side of a single track road, and set off using a hiking app on my phone to guide us.The area we were in was very reminiscent of Scotland. There was lots of pasture land with cattle in with glorious mountains on the horizon.I would consider us fair seasoned hikers, after our many trips to Scotland. However, we do often get lost in the simplest of places. This trip was our chance to reinvent ourselves though, and show Willow’s parents that we are in fact seasoned professionals. It didn’t start well, as we had to take it in turns to try and navigate with my phone, because it was incredibly difficult as it didn’t have much signal and so the digital map wasn’t really working. Neither of us wanted to ask Carole for her map however as we are both too stubborn. About half way around the walk, we realised that the map we were following wasn’t 100% accurate and so in the end we eventually had to seek help from Willow’s parents as we had no idea where we were going. After comparing the map to my phone, I realised the error I had made and we set off again, with renewed confidence of our route. Although we were making a simple walk more complicated than it needed to be, we were at least rewarded with some spectacular views of snow covered mountains.We even spotted some rather cute looking donkeys.Eventually back at the van, we headed for a new spot to pitch up, needing to stop off to allow Carole and Antony to empty their waste at a proper camp site. Whilst they were doing that, we decided to use the facility to top up our water tank. Again, like the walk, this didn’t go exactly to plan. The filler neck to the tank broke off, flooding the interior of our van with litres of water. Luckily this all poured out through the floor, which was a good thing, as the floor was currently covered in diesel, as Willow had forgotten to screw the heater fuel lid on. The problem also gave Willow the opportunity to try her new malgamating tape, which apparently can fix anything! I left her to it, leaving her in the corner making at the water tank making all sorts of amusing sounds. Fortunately for us, it did reattach filler necks, so it was a useful a incident. Hopefully the tape holds for the rest of the trip.We ended up parked on the side of a beautiful river that runs down from the mountains and through a valley.In the evening, I was able to get some nice pictures of the moon hidden just behind a small rock.For dinner, we had a blue cheese a chicory rissoto (I need to remember to take some pictures before stuffing my face next time). And so we headed to bed, unwilling to take a chance being disturbed by the loud flowing river we had parked next to, I decided to test out sleeping with ear plugs. Hopefully this would allow me a consecutive good night’s sleep.Tomorrow we had decided to ramp it up a bit, and aim to complete a walk described as hard on the app. It surely couldn’t be that hard right?I am hoping I have proof read this post a bit more thoroughly this morning. However, I am fortunate to have a commited follower who keeps me informed of any mistakes. Cheers Joan Lostuf.

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