Day six – a bit more damp Col du Soulour

There was a rather promising start to the morning. I awoke to the jaggling of bells from this lovely lad.

He or she, was shortly joined whole groups of horses, we had parked up next the their water trough and they spent most of the morning milling around the van.

There was also a pretty young looking foal.


The restaurant opposite us had morning croissants too – bonus.

The weather started out looking promising but unfortunately didn’t last for long and the clouds began to get lower and lower on the peaks around us. Still we went for a stroll around one the now melted (mostly) ski runs. It was a short and easy walk along a wide path through the forest that mainly looked like this…

… so there is not all that much to be said, the highlights were as follows.

Lee stops to take a photograph of a very dead and moderately decaying fox in order to scare his students.

I get some new additions to my slightly obsessive pine cone collection.

We go up a slight hill, and then see where the view would have been.

A bit of view down the valley, as you can see we are very high up and therefore in the cloud.

View back to our parking spot from last night.

The quite low cloud, now becomes very low cloud and soon the mountain in front of us has disappeared completely. This is fairly cold and damp so we decide to head for somewhere new. Continuing on this road bring you down the pass and into the village of Arrens-Marsous and then on towards Viscos where we are headed for the night. It’s only around a 45min drive and this is not really enough as our leisure batteries are incredibly low from the lack of sun and the lack of driving. We’ve had to run the engine in order to turn the cooker on which is never a good sign. My parents also didn’t manage to fill up their gas bottle as they don’t have the right adapter for abroad which means they only have a small gas cooker to use.

Later on that evening it was reassuring to find that my newly installed battery protector definitely does work as while we tried to watch an episode of Black Books, it cut all the power permanently due to low voltage.

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