Day Seven – Lac de Gaube

Our spot on the side of a road was surprisingly quiet, although I did have the super ear plugs to thank for that. Although I slept well, I was still unhappy with the battery situation. We all agreed to find a camp site near the walk we wished to do later in the day, so we could hook Ruby up to mains electric, top up our water, wash our clothes and have a hot shower. We knew that this wouldn’t be straight forward as it is out of season for camp sites.We drove into the main town of Cauterets, looking for a supermarket to stock up with supplies. We found a fairly decent sized one with launderette facilities outside. With our cupboards replenished, we set off driving to ever camp site on our map. As we thought, the first four we checked were closed. We finally checked one a couple of minutes away from the supermarket we visited, as we could see a few cars and campers there. We pulled up and parked outside the reception. Shut. I drove around the site in the hope of spotting somebody who worked there, but couldn’t see anyone. At this point, we were wondering whether this was still a potential site. The facilities that we could see were also locked. It wasn’t looking good. I had ago calling the emergency number posted on the reception door, however both numbers went to voicemail. With one last desperate attempt, I went across the road to a small bistro that was open, hoping they may have some information. She didn’t. Through my poor French and the help of Google translate, she did phone the owners for me, who informed her that the site was open. They didn’t tell her whether they would come and meet us, but informed us to park up near the cleaning facilities. We parked up and started getting Ruby ready for the night. Carole went and spoke to a couple in a camper parked close to us, who informed us that further up the site there were facilities that were open. So we shifted spots and finally got Ruby’s batteries charging properly.All sorted, we all headed off in the transit towards the lake walk. As we approached, we could tell by the line of cars outside the car park, that this would be a popular route. The trail itself was fairly straight forward. The path was obvious to follow. It did have a rather quick incline and some parts of the path were covered in snow, but it was nice to be able to walk a route without fear of getting lost.On the walk up, we passed some lovely waterfalls and rocks with strange patterns worn into them.We finally made it to the lake, which looked a little different to the summer pictures we had seen online. It was rather spectacular though. My phone doesn’t do it justice.We then headed back on the opposite side of the valley. The walk took us to the ski slope which was now melted enough to walk down.As with yesterday’s walk, I was now craving a proper skiing holiday.At the bottom of the slope was the other main attraction for the walk. A magnificent waterfall which then carved its way through the valley.The walk took us about just over two hours. With the walk from the lake taking one hour and fifteen minutes.We then headed back to the camp site, to do a clothes wash, shower and eat. Unfortunately, the washing machine at the camp site wasn’t accepting our coins, and so we were left with no alternative but to get on our bikes and cycle down to the local supermarket. We decided to stagger the ride, so one of us would take the washing down and the other would collect. Willow went first, and was back withing just over five minutes… With the laundry. Someone else was using the machine. So in the end I took the washing down and decided to wait the half hour for the cycle, to save one of use going again. This gave me a perfect opportunity to update the blog. Don’t worry. I bought myself a beer and a packet of crisps to keep me going.Washing complete. I cycle back up the road to have a well deserved shower.We then had dinner and enjoyed what would be our last night with Carole and Antony before they started making their way back home.We then went to bed, with Ruby’s batteries a little bit more charged. Stress levels had definitely returned to normal.Tomorrow we will be heading towards Gavarnie by ourselves. It is supposedly one of the most beautiful walks in the Pyrenees. I for one am definitely looking forward to a really nice walk.

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