Day eleven – heading further north.

I chose to park here overnight because the app said it was quiet. The app was wrong, there was traffic through a lot of the night and also some kind of pump or machinery in the lake that was very loud. Having spent several hours wondering why so many people desperately needed to drive through the forest at 4 am, I was in need of my morning tea to face the drive ahead. After some debate, we picked a walk about 3.5hrs away near the village of Grézillé.

Arriving here without much to tell, we made lunch with a baguette that I got from a baguette vending machine!!

After eating lunch we got ready for an easy 8 mile walk around the local area. It started raining, our cue to set off.

Heading out of the main village it appears a lot of the houses have these underground cellars or rooms next to their main house, carved into the rock.

Fortunately the weather was typical April showers and soon we were walking in sun. The view were pretty standard farmland, but it was nice to stretch the legs.

I got jealous over this persons highly successful artichokes.

The walk continues on into some woodland and then picks up a forestry track. There is some gym equipment for Lee to embarrass himself with.

The walk goes through acres and acres of vineyards. Some brand new plantations and some which look quite old

There are some pretty country houses, this one with a very impressive cactus.

After some time, we come across more of these rooms in the rocks.

Along the way we found some wild sorrel and picked some to eat with our dinner later. I also tried eating gorse flowers which, while not poisonous, are not particularly nice either.

After around 3 hours we are heading back towards the church where we parked.

Changing our shoes at the van a women approached us and asked if we were ok. I assumed she was asking in a what are you doing here kind of way, but she explained that she had a camper too and asked if we needed water for onboard which was nice.

From here we drove north again, to find our spot for the night. I specified that I wouldn’t be parking near a road or near any water leaving Lee to find something suitable.

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