The rest of our (nearly) week in Pittsburgh

We awoke Sunday morning and said goodbye to Rob and Chloe as they headed back over the Canadian border.

Another day of seeing some of the local sights was planned. We stopped off at Rural King first, to see if I could buy a breaker bar to fully reattach our suspension. While they did have one, it was double the price of Amazon which just left us to walk around the rest of the shop which sells pretty much everything related to being outdoors. It was good to know that this was the place to come and buy emergency tools or more nuts and bolts if we had another shock absorber incident…

It also had quite the gun selection, something which I still find strange to see so readily available in shops.

We also had a look around Dollar Tree, to try and give us a bit more of an idea of some cheaper shops for the future. September’s budget had gone out the window, and October’s would need to be managed a lot better!

The next place Ross and Jen took us to see was the spot they got married at, a gorgeous spot overlooking the river in Ohiopyle state park.

We learned that this was also one of the only rivers in the world which flows both North and South. Sounds kind of confusing, but when you see it on the map the river completes nearly a full circle.


We continued down the mountain to the river itself.

After having a look around the visitors centre, we went on a short walk over both bridges.

Next stop on the tour was Sugarloaf peak, not far from the river…

For a reason I can’t remember other than it being Sunday, we had being reminiscing about the joys of a Sunday roast, so on the way back to the house we stopped off at Aldi to get some supplies. Having had a bit more time to get used to the prices of things here, Aldi does have some bargains. However its lack of wine is just too saddening to escape from.

Back at the house we enjoyed a nice home cooked meal and a chilled out evening.

We had two days left staying with Ross and Jen, so we planned to leave on Wednesday morning shortly after John was leaving. Ross was working on Monday, so Jen took us to visit the local mall. We have discovered a new favourite shop – Five Below which has many useful items, as illustrated.


All this really serves to illustrate is that Lee has a huge head.

Feeling peckish we went for some Mexican food at El Patron. We had some great food, with cheap beers, and due to some mistake on the waiters part we ended up only being charged half our bill meaning we got two meals and drinks for $14, quite a result!

Our final day in Pittsburgh was spent with just John, as both Ross and Jen were back at work. John wanted to show us Jumonville, which had another great viewpoint looking out over Uniontown.

It was about 30 degrees that day and also quite humid, what we didn’t quite bargain for was the walk to the top.

There is this giant metal cross on the hilltop, and the views were worth the climb. P1000813P1000814

Whilst at the top we flew Steve around and took some photos.

created by dji cameraScreen Shot 2019-10-09 at 11.40.50

Our walk back down was a lot easier than coming up!

P1000816The hill doesn’t look too bad, but when it’s that hot it seemed quite an effort. P1000818

Lee and John wanted to get back to watch the Blues match that afternoon, so while they watched that I had a go and fixing the front suspension and a few other bits and bobs.

These two main bolts where now tightened up, so hopefully that’s the clunking sorted.

I also fitted us a light too make it easier to get in and out of the van in the dark.

And also fitted swapped our reverse camera for a new one. Hopefully to prevent any more reversing related incidents.

By this point it was time for a well earned beer… or two.


John was flying out to California in the middle of the night and Ross and Jen would be working, so we borrowed their spare house key so we could get ourselves sorted in the morning and lock up after.

We had a great week staying in Pittsburgh and it was nice to meet Ross for the first time. Jen was a fantastic host to us and it was great to be shown around so many of the beautiful local places. Hopefully they come over to England one day and we can repay the favour!

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