Cars that are rustier than Ruby!

We spent a good few hours in the morning making the most of having a normal facilities like a bathroom and a washing machine. Soon we were all good to go, everything was either filled up or emptied out and we had cleaned ourselves and anything else possible. The downsides of living in such a small place is it get pretty dirty, very fast!

Jen had given us some free tickets to go and look at Kentuck Knob, a house designed by the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright. As this was fairly close to their house, we decided to stop of as we left. We then planned to drive to Windber to see an abandoned trolley graveyard and visit gravity hill.

The house tour wasn’t something I would normally have done as it was quite pricey, we would have paid $50 to go on the tour, so it was fantastic to be able to see it for free. We treated ourselves to some ice cream while we waited for the tour to start.

The building was very interesting and it was set in a lovely location as well, I am glad we got the chance to see it.

Our tour guide was very knowledgable and being only a small group of people we had plenty of time to look around the house. Unfortunately photos are not permitted inside, but the exterior gives and idea of what it is like.

The view from a short distance from the house.

The garden is full of lots of sculptures, and instead of getting the shuttle bus back we decided to walk back through the grounds.

Lee underestimated his current weight loss situation.

We saw another piece of the Berlin Wall.

They also had a pretty cool airstream in the carpark.

Once we left Kentuck Knob we continued driving towards Ohiopyle state park that we had driven through the other day.

On the way we spotted this by the side of the road and stopped off to have a look.

Screen Shot 2019-10-09 at 12.58.35It was a massive car graveyard of mainly old Fords, just sitting in there in the forest. I can only imagine how much this collection would have been worth at one point, a long time ago!

We kept driving towards Ohiopyle. As it was the weekend it had been pretty busy before and there was no space to park at Cucumber Falls, this time however there was space so we decided to stop and have a look.

Very close to this are the natural waterslides, this is a section of the river which flows over a large section of  and has worn a (relatively) smooth channel through it surfaces which you can slide down. We decided to go and have a look and have a bit of a walk up the river.

We saw some more smaller waterfalls.

This fungus, which I’m pretty sure you can eat…

And has a nice little paddle in the stream to cool off, before picking our way back through the rocky path.

Back at the water slides, Lee decided he was going down. There was some children playing there, so we waited until they’d gone before he had a go.

Obviously once he went, I had to go too. And I think it’s safe to say, I won.

The water wasn’t actually as cold as you might think, and it was a very muggy day so having a free wash off was probably a good thing.

The advantages of having a van is at least you always have a spare change of clothes and a towel nearby.

Having got changed we drove off towards Windber, planning to stay in another Walmart. However once we got there, we didn’t fancy the car park as it was a load of other shops, not just Walmart. We couldn’t really tuck ourselves away in a corner like normal, and we couldn’t see anyone else stopping.

We moved on, driving through the university car park where security stopped us and basically told us to get out.

We drove about 10 minutes down the road and pulled over in another rough car park, we then realised that the security guard has followed us all the way out here!

Not fancying this spot either, we kept driving down a small road until we found a quite spot in what looked like access for the forestry commission. Finally we pitched up for the night.

After a nice undisturbed night, we headed off towards the trolley graveyard which we were only about 15 minutes away from. I decided to make bread that morning, which meant by the time we had got there it needed to be cooked. We set up in a car park nearby so that we could run the generator and cook our bread, while we waited we did some menu planning for the week.

Having cooked the bread, we walked over to the entrance of the graveyard. Ignoring all four of the no trespassing signs, we walked up the entrance path. The place is full of abandoned trams and trains, all in various stages of decay.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I can’t imagine how many more places there are out there like this one, probably full of rotting vw buses!

Next stop was gravity hill, which is a short drive through Gallitzin state forest which was starting to look really striking with the autumn colour changes.

Gravity hill doesn’t really look like much. It’s a small country road where someone has sprayed painted on the floor ‘GH start’ and ‘GH end’. You probably need to watch the video (which will be on Youtube later) of this to appreciate how weird it is, but the photo shows the end of the run. Parking at the bottom of the road in neutral, the van then appears to roll uphill until stops where it is in this photo.

Deciding to chip away at the distance between us and Washington DC, we kept driving until we ended up stopping in by Ohio Canal where we blagged a free nights parking.


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