Living the life of luxury, scorpions and serpents and making our way closer to the Mexican border

For nomads who seek pleasure in nature, I must admit, that after almost five months of simplistic living, we both felt as though this ‘treat’ was thoroughly deserved. So much so, that we decided to spend another day at the resort.

Willow had spotted a voucher on a survey form with gifted you $10 off your next visit, so we enquired at the front desk whether we could use that voucher and stay another night. Relieved to told that we could. That meant, that our two nights would average out at $15 a night. Not bad for all of the extra perks!

With our sleeping arrangements sorted, we took some laundry down to be washed, and lazed by the pool, enjoying the warm weather which was starting to pick up the further south we ventured.

As the site also had WiFi, we able to update our social media without eating into our meagre data allowance.

We spent the day by the pool, popping into the pool to cool off every couple of hours.

Chilling by the pool

By late evening, we were exhausted with blogging and when the last of the warmth faded, we retreated back to Ruby to cook ourselves a fancy meal.

The facility had an enclosed dog area, so in the morning, I took Aimee down to let her off of her lead for her to burn off her excess energy. She spent the morning climbing trees, chasing balls and playing with dogs that visited the area.

As much as we appreciate a bit of relaxing by a pool, a day and a half is more than enough time to get us feeling a bit cooped up. So we got ready to hit the road once again, using the gym and shower facilities one last time before we left.

We originally targeted Borrego Springs as a destination, due to some crazy sculptures we found online. An artist had filled the town with his creations, spanning from elephants to scorpions and serpents. As these were only ten minutes away from the RV park, we arrived at them in no time.

Driving through some shrub land, it was the scorpion that caught our attention first. A giant monster, poised to strike, standing in the distance.

Scorpion sculpture

The sculptures are free to visit and you can drive right up to them, meaning we were able to capture these amazing shots.

Who would win
My monies on Ruby
The detail was amazing
A selection of sculptures

Sadly, the artist who created the sculptures had since passed away, but he had definitely left behind a truly fascinating legacy.

We drove around some other sites, taking pictures with more of his creations and then set off, heading further south towards San Diego.

Camel family
Not sure about this one?
Epic picture

Whilst at the RV park, I sent some emails our UK press agencies and was surprised when we had a speedy reply from BBC WM radio. They loved our story and wanted to hold an interview with us for their breakfast show. With this in mind, we tried to find a camp spot which would provide us with enough signal to make the call.

Last stop before San Diego

The original plan was for us to speak live on the breakfast show, and with the time difference, that would mean we would have been speaking to them at 11:45pm.

The producers were getting very panicked about out lack of signal, and around 8pm, they called us and asked if we would be happy to hold a prerecorded interview. We agreed, as it meant we would not have to kill time until midnight to speak to them. They didn’t want us to use loud speaker, as it would effect the quality of the recording, so they requested that I spoke to them as I had been the one in communication with them until that point.

Just like the Hot VWs interview, the questions came quick and fast and I tried desperately to answer them in a civilised manner, without swearing. I had hoped to talk more about the work Willow and her students put into Ruby and mention out social media, however an opportunity never arrived and before I know it the interview was over.

Relieved to have it out of the way, we cooked and hit the sack, hoping that our story would inspire similar minded people, driving to work on a wet and miserable English morning, to take a chance and go explore the world.

In the morning, we would head to San Diego, our last stop in America before crossing into Mexico!