Spring Fair 2013

So I visited the Spring Fair yesterday to have a browse and do a bit or market research. Had a bit of a chat with Aradia Nista, who is a absolutely lovely person, was very helpful and didn’t seem to mind me interrogating her. I also met up with a jewellery I know from home and whose workshop I use on a regular basis.

It’s only the second time I’ve been to the Spring Fair and last year I never actually looked at all the halls that didn’t relate to jewellery. Big mistake – I’ve never had so many free sweets, and I’m still chuffed about my free cupcake – http://instagram.com/p/VRurWasbC8/

Also got to see the HND’s work for the live competition with Weston Beamor that we entered last year and the work of two people I know from last year (Rosie White and Jessica Nam) who are currently on the incubation program Design Space.

So it’s always worth going and now I’m looking forward to the British Contemporary Craft Show in Harrogate, hoping I can get there this year.

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