Hello again…

So our internet has been down for the last 3 days, which was really annoying but back up and running now. So I have a lot of updating to do.

We drove down to the south of the island for the first time, from about halfway down there’s been a massive forest fire which apparently has destroyed about 60% of the forests on the island. You can see it was pretty bad…

We went and had a look around the village of Mesta. It’s outside walls basically consist of all the houses joined together so there are only a few entrances and inside is a maze of little cobbled streets.

From here we went and had a look at Pyrgi, which would be fairly nondescript but they have gone to enormous length to make patterns all up the walls of nearly every house.

On monday we drove down this highway to look at a ruined castle…

The view was just about ok…

We then had a looked around the main town Chios for the rest of the day.

Some classic Greek hairpins…

Windmills on the waterfront, you can see a couple having their wedding photos done.


As always, health and safety first…

And like this… Windscreen optional.

Finished off nicely with an absolutely killer waffle, I never want to see one again. For at least a week.

And to finish off the day we get creative…


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