Nea Moni Monastery & Mavra Volia

We drove over to Chios from were we’re staying in Volissos, stopping on the way to look at Nea Moni Monastery. There’s about a kilometre stretch of road with four monasteries on it but we only stopped here, our fuel was a bit low. Ate some lunch outside, I fell up the stairs as I’m unable to do anything without hurting myself.

They’re excavating the ruins of part of the monastery that were buried some time ago under dirt from an earthquake. It’s an odd place to be as it’s half used, half ruined. Has a lovely view out to Chios though.

We carried on driving down into Chios like this…

Filled up with fuel when we got there as it’s 13c cheaper there than it is at our local petrol station, makes a difference especially when it’s still costing you €1.80 a litre and we live about 40km from anything at all!

We then drove right down to the end of the island to the beach at Emporios called Mavra Volia. Out of all the beach so far this was the nicest. Although it’s big pebbles so not the comfiest to lie on the water is totally clear and the warmest around the island. I think because it’s the only black stoned beach, it seems to get the water a lot warmer as it’s not actually that warm here.

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