Day 4 – Isle of Skye

Today was miserable. It rained then it snowed, then it rained and now it’s snowing. The mountains are completely covered in cloud and for some unknown reason a niggly back ache from the last few days has made me into and angry sleep deprived cripple. Nevertheless, we headed to Skye and decided that as regardless of the weather we would go for a walk. It was quite heartening for once not to be the most under prepared on the walk, as us in full wet weather gear, passed a lot of people in jeans and converse. Coat apparently optional.

This is the Fairy Pools, probably look more magical when not snowing I imagine.

P1020766 (NXPowerLite Copy)P1020755 (NXPowerLite Copy)

Us in full wet weather gear.

P1020756 (NXPowerLite Copy)

Ruby was visible from here back on the road… all dry and warm.. but you can’t really spot her through the rain here!

P1020761 (NXPowerLite Copy)

We now face the challenge of drying all our waterproofs inside the van, which thankfully has not been too bad and brings me back up to date. Still sitting on a mountain, it has stopped snowing. We’ve just been getting accustomed to using our Remoska and I’ve been cooked a nice gnocchi bake while writing this, it’s a pretty good piece of kit. Especially when hooked up to a generator as I’m not sure how our leisure batteries (as large as they are) would handle it.

I’m hoping to awake to a nice view in the morning as we are now in the cloud. If all else fails, we are having a tour of Talisker Distillery tomorrow!

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