Dieppe – La Lande sur Eure

We left our car park at around 9am to avoid being charged a higher rate tariff, and started heading south. We have signed up to French Passion, the French equivalent of Brit Stop for anyone who knows it. For those who haven’t it allows you to stay for free for 24hrs on the land of various business who have signed up to the scheme, in France this is typically farms and vineyards. We had picked out a nice looking farm to trail this out on, around a 3 hour drive fron Dieppe.

Our plan was to spend a few days heading south, breaking the drive up into smaller chunks and avoiding the toll roads and enjoying the trip! Ruby behaved quite well, despite getting a little to warm on one of the hills and we arrived mid afternoon (The air filter did also fall off, but thats what cable ties are for). We wandered around trying to find the people who lived there but the house was locked up and clearly no one was at home so we parked up anyway.

We had a walk around the local woods and saw a large bird of prey and a few deer and then got back to an exceedingly hot van. Parking in the sun with the doors/windows shut was a bit like a furnace and the inverter was not happy about it. We soon opened everything up, hung up our DIY mosi net and relaxed in the sun with some beers and book, with our newly purchased cheese mountain at the ready.

A very peaceful place. The only bad thing we discovered is that we didn’t have a bottle opener, and French wine does actually have corks.

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