Gordes Fete

The church bells here won’t start till seven, luxury! I feel human again.

Lee is a little worse for wear, trying uphold up our drinking reputation last night by himself. I head to the shop and get stuff to make scrambled eggs and we tidy the van up too as everyone keeps looking at it.

I’m taking this opportunity to catch up on my blog while sitting in the park watching the ever awkward line dancing. They clearly have put in a lot of time and effort in remembering the moves (I think they all attend an evening class together) but the look of complete disdain most of them wear while doing this is slightly unnerving.

So we say our goodbyes to the friendly barman who gives us a complimentary glass of rose before we leave, and head for Gordes. This being the only other fixed date in the calendar, the wine and olive festival. It’s only 40 minutes away too. Although Ruby decides 10 minutes down the road to overheat so we pull over, no fans. I go through the basic checks and realising this is not going to be a quick solve, (the fans are fine but have no power going to them) bodge it to Gordes. Can’t be missing free wine!

Gordes is on a very big hill, with narrow, winding picturesque streets. In order to avoid these, we found an alternative way in which was a little easier and then managed to find free parking as the machine was broken. Bonus!

The concept of the fete is simple, they’re are around 30 stalls, most of whom are representing their own vineyards. Some other stall sell local condiments/meat/produce too. You pay €3 for a glass and then you are leisure to wander around tasting at much wine as you like. Limited only by the judging eyes of the vendors when you drink rather than spitting it out.

It was very hot, so most people were on white and rose with the idea of coming back for red. We like to go round, try everything and then decide our favourites to buy at the end.

After a while the heat manifested it self in a rather good thunderstorm in the mountains ahead. Unfortunately this prompted some stalls to pack up and we missed the very nice condiment man who we had sampled ample amounts from too. We still ended up buying a few nice bottles though but missed out on one seller, and English bloke we met last year, which was annoying.

We ended up watching the thunderstorm from the carpark as it played out in front of us. I can’t say I bothered even trying to photograph the lightning, but it was impressive.

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